Our Mission Statement

Bertrem Valve is dedicated to producing valves and related equipment that address industry needs with uncompromising quality. The Bertrem Top Entry Ball Valve combines the proven performance of conventional ball valves with instant inline serviceability. Our rugged high performance ball valves are clearly superior to traditional ball valves. Versatility, performance, and integrity all describe our company, our people, and our products.

About Us

Bertrem Valve Company was established in 1985, and early in our existence we instituted a Total Quality System to ensure quality in all steps of design and production.

  • Our design team uses the latest solid-modeling software, ensuring adherence to the current ANSI and ASME standards, and assuring fit and clearances before actual production.
  • Our hydrostatic and performance testing is performed per ASME Section VII UG-99.
  • We perform air leak testing on every Bertrem valve according to API 598. For critical or dangerous service, we use helium as the test medium.
  • Always 100% manufactured in the United States of America.