Flanged Valves

Flanged valves are often selected because of the relative ease of removal from the line for maintenance or replacement. Our triple packing system is quite suitable for high cycle automated applications, and our wedge seat design means maintenance requirements are rare.
Nevertheless, every valve needs service eventually. Removing a valve from the pipeline is labor intensive, always requires new gaskets and increases the risk of flange leaks upon reinstallation. That makes avoiding valve removal for maintenance a pretty good idea.

We at Bertrem hear you! When it is time for service

  • Bertrem valves can be serviced without removal from the pipeline.
  • All parts are easily removed from the body through the top entry bonnet, using common tools.
  • That saves your facility considerable downtime, expense, and risk.

Additionally, Bertrem Flanged Ball Valves are available with

  • Metal seats
  • Fugitive emission bonnets
  • High temperature and cryogenic trims
  • Corrosion resistant trims

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