About Bertrem Valve Design

Dual floating seats, floating ball - Pressure energized, bubble tight shut-off in high pressure applications.

Dynamic tension spring - Bubble tight sealing in low pressure applications.

Self adjusting wedge seat - Leak-tight sealing in all operating conditions including temperature, pressure or wear. As wear occurs, the ball and seats are continuously snugged further down the wedge.

Seats are under compression loads only - No flexing or bending of the seat material occurs, permitting the use of relatively hard, high temperature seat materials.

Metal seating - Easily accomplished utilizing this compression seat loading design.

Top entry design - Quick disassembly inline without removing the valve from the piping. Piping to valve sealing integrity is maintained.

No special tools are needed for bonnet removal and valve maintenance.

Bonnet and stem seals available in many materials.

Straight through bore - Maximum flow with the least turbulence and minimal pressure drop.

Low torque permits use of less costly pneumatic or electric actuators.

Wide temperature ranges - From –415º F to +1000º F.

Firesafe Designs available for Flammable/Hazardous fluids and gases